Alek's Beauty


After appearing on Channel 9’s hit reality TV show “Married At First Sight”, Aleks wanted to share one of her many passions to the boss babes of the world by creating her own beauty range. This is when “Aleks Beauty” came to life. Aleks has always been into fashion and all things beauty related. She was always finding it hard to find the perfect shade or texture in beauty products she bought. Aleks beauty was all about putting Aleks’ favourite colours and make up textures together to create quality, affordable make up for easy everyday wear no matter what occasion.

Aleks was born in Perth Western Australia in 1992. With a Serbian Orthodox background, Aleks grew up very cultured and loved learning all about her parents’ home country traditions. At a very early  age, Aleks got into singing, dancing and acting. After graduating high school in 2010, she attended the “Western Australian Academy Of Performing Arts” where she completed her certificate of Musical Theatre. Soon after this she began working in real estate and hasn’t looked back since. Being on stage for most part of her life and now working in a professional industry where presentation is key, Aleks had always been fond of make up and what products she would put on her face daily.

“Aleks Beauty” isn’t just a business, this is a vision come to life by Aleks with a personal touch that Aleks holds very close to her heart. She wants all the boss babes around the world to shine bright and feel confident like the beautiful women you all are!